Terms and conditions directly referring to: 


In the case the property after an investigation or when alerted finds damage or items lost or stolen the property has the right to put a holding charge on the person who paid for the room/ suite / event space account. This is designed to make good the costs of the damage and/or to recover costs to replace items lost or stolen or both or to undertake a repair.

All damage / losses or thefts will be explained to the person who paid for the room and this information will also be passed onto the relevant authorities.

Note there is no upper limit on the holding charge only that which the hotel deems as reasonable to cover its costs and lost sales.


Hotel Brooklyn is a non-smoking facility therefore no one is allowed to smoke in any public areas within the hotel including bedrooms, suites and outside terraces (this includes first-floor rooms 111-121 that each have terraces).

The person signing the registration card agrees that they or the person paying for the room (if they are not the same person) agrees to pay a standing charge of £250 if the room / space  /terrace  /suite is reported to have had someone smoking within it during their stay.  In the first instance, this will be taken from the card used as the pre-authorisation authorised on arrival at the hotel.

A report will be made of the incident and the card will be charged with the consent given by the person occupying the room by signing the registration card confirming they understand the hotel’s terms and conditions.

This information will also be passed on to the relevant authorities.