Brooklyn stays with you…

So a new hotel just sprung up in Manchester. But what’s crazy is, it’s like an Old Brooklyn joint. With the stoop, the steaks, bottles and cans of crafty Brooklyn Beers. But it ain’t no flophouse. It’s new Brooklyn too. It’s got class and craft. With design, with food, with the sofas and chairs. And damn – the cocktails!

We’ve got something for everyone.

Just like Brooklyn welcomes all kinda folk, this hotel’s the same. The tourists got a cool place to stay when they’re done walking, watching, seeing and it all in Manchester. The businesspeople got all the room to work, or just kick back. And the neighbourhood guys and dolls come downtown to the finest hangout around.

Our Neighborhood

Well where to start?

Behind you there’s our famous Gay Quarter, hovering around Canal Street, all naughty but nice. To the front over two sidewalks is the biggest and oldest Chinatown outside the homeland itself. It’s teeming with dozens of exotic restaurants and lively bars. And if you fancy good food, live jazz and late-night watering holes, try the part of town they call Northern Quarter, or Spinningfields if you fancy a stroll.

As for those famous Mancunian all-nighters, let’s see… Well as it happens we’ve got a full-blown casino right below us. Just ask a member of staff for directions into the vaults.

To get to anyplace in town, simply ask one of our team to whistle a cab, or give you directions to whichever train, tram or bus is heading the way you want it.

59 Portland Street, Manchester, M1 3HP

0161 518 2936 CONTACT

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