So you’ve made it to Brooklyn…

That’s Hotel Brooklyn MCR, of course. Less than 300 metres from New York Street, in the neighbourhood known to locals as ‘Cottonopolis’. You won’t be surprised to find everything you need, and everywhere you’re going to, right here on your doorstep.

A block away to the front is the biggest and oldest Chinatown outside the homeland itself. It’s teeming with dozens of exotic restaurants and lively bars, as well as the city’s very own New York Street less than 300 metres from our front door. Or if you fancy good food, live jazz and late-night watering holes, try the part of town they call Northern Quarter, or even Spinningfields if you fancy a stroll. And of course there’s our famous Gay Quarter, hovering around Canal Street behind us, all naughty but nice.

As for those famous Mancunian all-nighters, let’s see… Well as it happens we’ve got a full-blown casino right below us. Just ask a member of staff for directions into the vaults.

To get to anyplace in town, simply ask one of our team to whistle a cab, or give you directions to whichever train, tram or bus is heading the way you want it.

A shoppers paradise...

With retail relief in ample supply. We’ve got stop-offs at gin palaces, rooftop bars and good old-fashioned British Pubs. Manchester has it all. The best way to get in on the action is to turn right and take the short walk three blocks up to Piccadilly Gardens. Hit Market Street and you’re there. Drop into the Arndale Centre, try something on for size at ‘Harvey Nic’s’, Selfridges, or Barton Arcade for stroll through magnificent Victorian storefronts. Then step across Deansgate, into Spinningfields and beyond.

Surround yourselves with royal company on King Street, then drop into The Printworks down by Victoria Station, Affleck’s Palace, and all the glamour of The Northern Quarter. For those hunting further afield, it’s just a cab ride to The Trafford Centre.

There’s no better place to shop than Manchester. But we warn you there’s seldom enough time in the day. So why not ask a member of our team, who will fill your mind with plentiful suggestions.


And of course there’s the sport. Manchester’s a goldmine for it. We don’t say soccer round here, but we’ve got two of the biggest football clubs on earth in our fair city.

There’s Manchester United, who take to the field in the South West of the city. Their home’s a place called Old Trafford, with Lancashire Cricket Club just next door. Crickets sorta like Baseball, but without the hotdogs. Meanwhile, to the East you’ve got Manchester City and the magnificent Etihad Stadium, with the National Cycling Centre or Velodrome right alongside. We had about 30 Olympic gold medals come outta that place recently, and we’re looking for plenty more.


And that’s not all… Did you know Manchester has more nightlife than anywhere else in the Western World per square metre? Well it’s true! And damned impressive. Social drinking they call it. And you’re surrounded by it. Prohibition never stood a chance in Cottonopolis.

Art & Entertainment

For art and entertainment there’s plenty of choice, and mostly within walking distance, too. Manchester’s one big neighbourhood, you see. So try The Bridgewater Hall or our amazing Town Hall, or the place where they’ve memorialised the Industrial Revolution. Be inspired by the circular City library, The Hidden Gem, The John Rylands, HOME Theatre, The Palace Theatre, The MCC, The Manchester Opera House, The Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art, Manchester Art Gallery, Manchester Jewish Museum, The Lowry Theatre, or take a trip to the Imperial War Museum.

But don’t worry, our team knows all the above like the back of their hand, and they’re ready and waiting to help you.

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